10 Tips for Creating Blog

In this article you will get 10 simple but necessary tips for creating a blog.

There is no particular book or any particular rule on how to blog. But if you as a blogger want to increase exposure then you need to follow these simple but effective steps so that you can also create a blog:

Stick to the Topic

If you want to put the options in your blog then you can but the items that you are keeping in the blog must have the content that should relate to the general theme. If you can provide humor, wit and skepticism then you will be able to achieve the position in the mind of your reader but if you are unable to provide all these things then many of your readers will take interest in the content of some specific theme they want to read or the theme of their interest. And the reader will only read your article when you will provide them some special and useful information that they do not know. Every reader wants that he should get some thing out of the article that is of his use and if he do not find this then he may leave you. So if you want that your readers should get stick to you then you choose the topic on which you are going to provide some information and you get stick to it. And in this way you will make your image of a dedicated and loyal writer.

Provide Information

Always try to provide the information on the topic you are writing and try to give all the information according to your knowledge on the topic. With the help of your knowledge you will be able to create your impression on the mind of your readers. But be sure that you should provide the information on the current topic or current news because every person wants to read some thing new and current. If with your article you are promoting or endorsing any product then also be sure that you should prove relevant data and facts that you know and try to check all the facts about the product you are promoting as your name and reputation also matters. If you are providing an opinion surely qualify your post and make it clear to your readers that the content is projected as an editorial.

Current Topics

When you are going to create your own blog then consider the current topic and then write on it and also keep in mind that the information you are going to provide to your reader should be accurate. Providing information on the topic that is 3 months may not be able to attract your readers as many persons may not have interest in the old topics. If you will provide some new and hot topic of the current news then it will be valued by the reader who will read your article as this is the matter of achieving success and providing stability to your column. 

Maintain Schedule

Always create a schedule and get stick to it. You have to realize this that blogging needs time and punctuality and effort, so always try to be realistic and make expectations only when you can provide the content on the right time. If you have not provided the article on time due to any holiday then you can explain this thing to your readers and readers will also accept it but if readers will find that they are getting old topics then they will find some other blog which will have fresh and current topic. You can see that on every new day new blogs and RSS feeds pop up on regular basis. So try to maintain your readers and the group of people who are visiting your blog daily by providing them correct and accurate information on recent topic and do not loose this group of people due to lack of communication.

Be Clear and simple

Always try to keep your posts and entries that are in the blog very simple and clear so that they should be easily understood. And also try to put simple sentences because you may not your readers he may be very qualified or a simple literate, so every time the idioms and acronyms do not work and simple language goes pretty long way.

Use Appropriate Keywords

If you want to increase your visibility with the help of your blog then you should include the keyword in the title of your blog. And use that title in the place of headline and then attract the attention of your visitors and readers. Every time you are going to provide some topic on current news then in every item post add these keyword a little to attract the attention of your readers and visitors but then also try to relevant to the post. And keep in mind that the title should not get longer more than 10 to 14 words.

Provide Quantity

If you want that search engines should also pay attention to your blog then you need to provide good content and the substance should be appropriate and relevant to the topic and also it should be based on the current news. Only headline and simple sentences are not going to generate more and more readers or if you want to increase you search engine ranking then also it will not help you. Try to archive old blog posts so as you should be able to develop a large gateway of the similar themed content and topics.

Update It

If every time or on regular intervals you are updating your content then surely search engines will spider your pages and in this way you will be able to improve your ranking. For eg check Indiculture Fashion Blog, a blog that gets updated daily.

Proof Readand Double Check

If you want that you should provide perfect content to your readers then it will only take few minutes and you will be saved from making awkward explanations. Always remember that what ever you are providing to your readers on internet can be found again and archived. So before posting your articles check the matter again so that you should not give any wrong information to your readers. 


If you wan tot increase your blog reach then you can do this with the help of RSS. It is necessary that you include your blog content into RSS feed so as to increase readership and distribution of the material you have written.

 If you are new to this field and you are not having a strong customer base then do not worry because with time and updates on regular basis in your content will provide more and more audiences to your blog. And remember that most of the bloggers do not have more than few hundreds of readers, but you can make those readers to stick with you and can maintain their interest in your blog with the help of current and updated news in your blog.

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