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Under this article you will come to know about bandwidth and how a provider can help you by giving required amount of bandwidth. You will also come to know what the use of bandwidth is, can you save the bandwidth, Why you get limited bandwidth from the host, the problems you can face with limited bandwidth or if you are not getting enough bandwidth, And at last how can you assure yourself regarding bandwidth.

If you are ready to host your site and you are searching for the good provider or host then the first thing you keep in your mind that ask for required bandwidth or if possible never compromise with the amount of bandwidth you are offered by the provider and you think it will be not enough for you because the main role is of the bandwidth.

Use of Bandwidth:

If you are going to host your site for the first time in your life and you have never before done any online business then the most important aspect you should look for your site is of bandwidth. Many new site owners usually make this mistake when they host their site on the server of any provider that they never ask for the bandwidth they will get. If you have a business site and you have spent a lot of money on the web developer then you will never want that your site is browsed by limited users. Your website is the window of your shop and if you are selling products then you will expect that your site is looked by many viewers and they should purchase some thing from your online shop. And for this you will require bandwidth, most of the web hosting companies provide limited bandwidth and then you can ask them for some more bandwidth if you require for your site and if provider is not agreeing then you have to make decision that you want to pay some extra rent for the bandwidth you need.

If you are unable to decide that how much bandwidth you require for your site, if you are launching it for the first time, ask to your provider; never hesitate in asking because he can tell after viewing your site pages and their size that ho much bandwidth you will need for your site. And ask for some discount, if your provider can give or some extra bandwidth if can offer it to you because you are paying him for the services you need and require.  

Can You Save The Bandwidth?

You will be surprised to listen that you can save the bandwidth but it the part of the site when it is designed. If you really want to save the bandwidth then you have to put all the images and photos in JPEG format and all the graphics in GIF format, Do to this your files are compacted and they require very limited amount of bandwidth.

Why You Get Limited Bandwidth From The Host:

Do you know or have a little idea that how much profit the hosts are receiving? The market and business of web hosting is very large and profitable.

Provider attract the new site owners by offering their services and as much site they will host on their server that much profit they will be able to make. And if they provide you unlimited or high bandwidth then they will need to pay high amount to the telecom companies and this is the reason they do not offer high bandwidth because they do not want to pay heavy amount to the telecom companies and loose their profit. If any host or provider is not offering or providing additional bandwidth just be clear that he is avoiding and preventing himself in giving high bandwidth. If you are ready to pay extra rent and then also the host is saying it not possible to give higher bandwidth then make it sure that the company is very poor one and is working on very old technology and operating it on very low budget.

The Problems You Can Face With Limited Bandwidth:

You can be in loss of very huge amount and this big problem you can face if you are not getting required bandwidth. Also there will be chance that your site will be browsed by very few users and most of them will not wait for it. One more problem you can face is that your site will be viewed by limited visitors at one time and this process can shift you back in the competition and some other sites catch your visitors to her and you may face heavy loss due to this. 

Assure Yourself Regarding Bandwidth:

No doubt it is very frustrating if you spend lot of money on the development of a site and putting information on it and then facing loss of money and customers only due to lack of bandwidth. To avoid this situation tell your host about the site and the pages it have and the size of every page before hosting your site on his server. By doing this the host will come to know that how much bandwidth you require and will tell you frankly that whether he can provide the desired bandwidth to you or not. Also if you are hosting your site ask for some guarantee from your host for the services he will provide and foe every thing will remain fine with your site and also tell him that many providers are offering such guarantee.

Do not run behind the host that is offering his services on low cost and also not giving you the required bandwidth. But you should also compare the prices of different hosting companies and also compare for the extra rent for extra bandwidth and you will come to know that is just few bugs more that what you were ready to pay to the cheap web host. If you pay some extra money for the bandwidth you need then it will provide you millions within few days of establishment of your site and also you will become a professional online businessman. But if you are moving towards the host who is offering unlimited bandwidth then within few days you will start facing loss and it will make your site unprofessional and if you have hosted your site on the server of a reliable host then you will never face any problem and he will safe guard your site. 

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