Elements of a Great Website

In this article you will read some essential elements or components of great website. If you are going to have a website then you can view these essential elements before creating it.

If you have decided to have website then go and get it. Yes I know that it is not very simple any easy process but when all your friends and relatives are having a website then why you should remain behind in this hi tech computer era.

Website can help you in maintaining relations with all your family members who are living far away from you and also you can create new relations with peoples who are living in another country. Your website can help you in doing business no matter if it is a small home business or very big business. You can have a website that can provide some personal information as if you visit on internet then you can find many personal sites also. There is no compulsion that you can have only business site.

There are some components that offer difference to great websites from any normal site. In this article you read about some of those components. If you are new to this field then it will be better for you to plan for your website on any plain paper rather than planning it on your computer. You can put all the contents that you need in your website on any plain paper. So first try to put all your ideas on one blank paper. You can include what ever you want to have on you website with your product and services.

As you finish with the topics then you want to include in your website, you need to plan the navigation or routing structure of your website. It is important for you to establish very simple and easy navigation structure for your site users instead of complicated one. If they find that the routing structure is very complicated and confusing they will take a second to leave you. Try to keep the navigation very reliable on all the pages so that your customers and visitors do not get troubled to go back to the main menu every time. If you are very creative then you can add graphic links on the every page of your site as it is very helpful and appealing. Use the text that is readable and the pictures that are effective. As the first thing you need is to attract your visitors.

Now the next thing that comes is the color combination. Use the colors that are that are effective, like the color of the hyperlink should match with the color of your site. Add your contact address on the bottom of every page like you can add your email address with phone number and fax number and the name of the company whom you are representating. This is necessary to include the information on every page because user can come up to your last page directly so if he wants then he should get the information of your contact address at that page also. If you view different sites then you will get surprised to find that most of them do not include their contact address.

For your help and for customer’s interest add a feedback form on your site so that your customer can interact with you in very easy way and he should get rid of picking up the phone and asking you their questions.

For creating the attractiveness and effectiveness of your site you can use graphics and pictures. Use good and relevant pictures so that your site can create good impact on the mind of your users. Most of your customers can download your picture so make sure that these pictures should be compressed as they can downloaded easily this is because users love the fast speed of the site. If there is lot of text on your site then use plain and light colored background on it. Save your simple graphics in 16 color format. If you want to take any online utility for your graphics then you can log on to any free service giving site.

In your large site you can incorporate search functions to offer help to your users. Add appropriate and brief content in your site so as to provide precisely what your users want. To offer more simplicity to your users use search forms and use MS Frontpage if you want to use search tools as it will automatically add and update your new pages whenever you want to include.

It is desirable that you add new pages in your site with relevant content and information. This will help you in two ways first your customers will always log on to your site and second that your site will be spidered by most of the search engines. As it is not everybody’s cup of tea only few can have it and you can become one of them. If you want to add some new page in a different manner then you can add “what’s new” page in your site and add all the new and latest information in that.

For promoting your site you can use the best and most appreciated method that is of link exchange. With the help of other site owners you can exchange your site links with them. The other benefit that you can take from link exchange is that both of you can divert more and more users to each other sites and in this way both of you can increase your selling ratio. The most popular site provides link to the related site where user can find some more information on the same topic, so if you can give brief account on every next link then it will be good. Also remove all the dead links from your site, customers get irritated when they click on dead links and find error, when you add some other link page to your site.

If you want your website to look great and when your customer use it he should get satisfied from your site then use these above given points in your site and just feel the magic of the new implementation. You will be surprised to see the new and worth change. So do it now.

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