Make Your Site effective with Flash

Under this article you will come to know about how you can make your site effective and attractive by using flash into it.

If you are asked a question that why people launch website then your answer will be for doing business. Yes this answer is appropriate but the first impression that your site will put is the attractiveness that it will put on its viewers and visitors. So many persons and site owners launch their site in order that they can do more business on the vast market of internet. So flash is used to make the site more interactive and professional developed by web designers. In the next passage you will come to know about the points that are used to develop the efficient site by using flash.

The first thing that any site owner should know is that through his website he wants to target on which customers that he prefer to come to his site when it is launched. If you have decided that you are going to target on what type of customers and web users then it will be easy for you to establish and plan your site that you are going to launch. When you are going to make your site or you are planning to work on it then it includes sections, content, pages dynamics of the content that you are going to put in to your site and the frequency of updates, and also the initial sketch of your site on paper. You should plan your site in this way as you will need this in reality on net when your site will work for you and you will be able to work over it according to your requirement. If you want then you can also create template and review it afterwards.

Try to put the flash on to your templates so that you can feel the work and magic of flash. If you want then you can “vectorize” it as much as possible. You need the bandwidth for your site in much quantity as your site should work efficiently without any disturbance. Under vectorization the simpler parts of site are created and made to work with the help of simple flash graphic tools rather than using the image or picture that is cut into pieces. The image will run properly if the size of the movie or the picture or image is done properly and efficiently. The image which is big in size takes too much time to open so the image is compressed using any software and then it is reduced according to the size of the web page and weight of the site, for example 25KB of image is reduced to 2 or 3 KB so that it can work efficiently and with flash so that it should not loose its effectiveness.

You can also create reusable graphics in detach movie clips. You may not know about reusable graphics if you are going to launch your site for the first time, reusable graphics include bullets, lines, numbers, fonts and other items that are related to the image. You can use the same clips in other movie or site whenever you need them and with the help of reusable graphics you will be able to reduce the size of the picture also with the use of flash. Due to flash you can render that particular movie clip as a single entity of any movie library.

Try to make the design of the site in dynamic way so that it can load the pages and some content that you need to put on to your site. But take care of the speed of downloading as it is very important to you as a site owner. And it does not keep any matter with the sites attractiveness and its interface and content. If the time of the downloading process is too much then the user will definitely leave your site, as many users want that their work should be done at the click of the mouse.  

Here you can work with the trick that is you can divide the sections into different multiple movies as this will help your site to load faster and specially the primary content of the site. It will also load the other content of the site and its pages if required.

If you are using flash into the graphics and images that are on your site then flash allows user to share the objects across the run time with different movies. O in this way you can define the shared movies or clips as ‘run time shared objects’:

Go to library panel <right click on any object> select linkage properties and then check the export objects for run time sharing.

Put any light ‘loading’ animated object at the starting and in the following movies.

Try to keep the content updated as frequently you can in the XML or text files and then load all the content energetically so that you can update the contents without republishing the swf file. If you want to use more stable data then you can use XML objects.

Now you can export the final version but make sure that you should not export it on to latest format if you have not used the latest version of the flash. This will work easily and smoothly and will reach to the customers without giving them any problem in the deficiency of the latest version or required version.

Now upload your site and test it on different working applications and on different resolutions to check its working and the colors that are used. Different computers effect different resolutions so get it confirmed and finalized.

Embed your main movie or the real movie in web page and then add on it Meta tags and keywords that should reflect and relate to your site. Here keywords are demanded because these keywords will play important role in providing the ranking to your site when search is done by search engines. Now finally submit or put your site on different search engines on net.

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