Windows Hosting – Fifteen Main Points

Under this article you will be explained about the fifteen important points of windows hosting plan.

There are many types of hosting plans available in the market like windows hosting plan and Linux plan but Linux plan is much cheaper than windows plan so if you are looking for windows application then your site may be adjustable only on the environment of windows only. But before choosing windows applications check the languages you are using like if you are using PHP, Perl, My SQL or MSSQL then Linux hosting will be good for you. Whereas if you are using Microsoft based languages then windows will be best for you. Here below you will get some essential points that are must for windows based hosting:


1.      If you are using ASP support then windows based plan is good for you as you are using Active Server Page language of Microsoft. Here HTML pages are forceful and highly interactive so Microsoft technology helps them to work through fixing scripts. So move towards windows hosting but compare the price of all the plans you are going to use and be sure that no host should cost you more for these features.

2.      If you are going to use developed version of ASP that is, then windows plan will be good for you as it is feature of internet information server (IIS). is different from ASP in two ways- .net supports code written in languages like C++, Perl etc. and its server also works with WYSIWYG editing pages to split the code from the content. So if you need this feature then prefer the host that offers you this service free of cost.


3.      If you are preferring windows hosting plan then there should be CDONTS that is collaboration data object for Windows NT server and it is used for messaging and it is an added feature with Windows NT and 2000. This component is used for messaging if you are using ASP pages and it is the easiest way but it requires SMTP support.


4.      Microsoft access database is supported by all the windows hosting plan. You need it if you are a beginner, but if you are experienced person then you need MS-Sql, but if you need this feature then the host will charge you some extra money for this as it is an advance feature. Before taking this feature check that the control of database is provided in the control panel or not, if not then ask your provider.


5.      If you are looking for DSN that is data source name or DSNless connection then ask your provider that whether he has provided the option to create or manage DSN in the control panel or not. If it is not provided then ask for the connection string if there is DSNless connection is there.


6.      Above told components were the default component but there are some third party components that are required to be loaded and they are basically ASP components like ASP image, ASPjpeg, ASP upload ASP encrypt etc are some used components that you may require and may need that they are installed on your server. You can get it from your host but it is not free and when DLL undergoes there is complete test done of the server.


7.      If you require ColdFusion and PHP then you have to ask for it from your provider and you will have to pay rent for it as it is not free. ColdFusion is a scripting language and web development device of server. It provides the services like data handling, validation and it also uses CFML from HTML as to facilitate the backend ODBC database connectivity. Whereas you can get PHP and MySQL with the windows plan and it is free of cost.


8.      As you are going to have windows plan then you will be provided control panel to manage your web space as control panel is the most important thing and the nucleus of your website and you can do any required change through it.


9.      As you will sign for windows hosting plan then you will be provided with ample of POP3 email ids but it depends on the size of the plan you are purchasing. is an example of POP3 ID.


10.  If you need the FTP or file transfer protocol for transferring the file, for uploading file, deleting file, or updating them you will need FTP and it is included in the control panel of your pc.


11.  You must select the host which provides backup facility as it is the important feature as others are. But most of the web host facilitates you with automated backups but many users do not enquire much about this feature while signing up the plan.


12.  Whether you are experienced person or a beginner you need the statistics application that run in the server backend so that you can view the report that6 how many users are browsing your site or how many visitors you are getting on your site. But the success of your website depends only if you are getting many users everyday.


13.  Bandwidth is also one of the most important features of the hosting plan. Sign up only that hosting plan that offers you enough bandwidth for your website. If you are a beginner then you can not assume how much bandwidth you require for your website but with the passage of time you will come to know that how much bandwidth your website requires.


14.  Ask your host to offer you WEBMAIL so that you can check your email with the help of web based interface using Squirrelmail or Horde as email is the important feature from the starting, when you launch your web site. If your site has corporate users then you must select Outlook Express as the users will prefer downloading of emails through email Client. Also check that SMTP or IMAP support is offered to you by the provider or not. Also ask your provider to install spam filters on the server as every mail is attacked from spamming and it will not be good for your website.


15.  When you are going to host up your site ask your provider for a dedicated IP and SSL support as many sites are launched on the shared server. Ask for the additional charges he will take from you. For SSL you need to buy digital certificate.


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