Hosting Control Panels

Under this article you will come to know about hosting contrtolpanels and types of controlpanels like Ensim, Plesk, Cpanel.

Control panel is a type of interface which enables you to access many features that your host or provider gives you when you choose any of his hosting plan. Control panel is basically a graphical feature which helps you to open email management, website information, management of database, and many more. There are many controlpanels available but with you I will only discuss the highly used control panels that are Cpanel, Ensim, and Plesk. If you check shared hosting you will find only these three control panel works mostly on all shared hosting.


The most widely used software on the web server of any of any hosting provider is CPanel. But it quite expensive one so there are some host who do not use Cpanel due to its high value tag. With the help of Cpanel provider can straightforwardly modify the programs that come into view. Cpanel is widely used because of its flexibility and easy work with more features; it is preferred by most of the web host.

Cpanel is easy to use so if you are looking for user-friendly software that should also provide more features just move behind Cpanel. But you might get afraid as it is less affordable. But if you want some extra features then do not care for money and get Cpanel as its best, featureful and widely used web hosting control panel.


Ensim is also widely used software among web providers but it is for those providers who do not want to spend more money. So if you as a site owner are looking for a provider who is using Ensim then also be sure that he should not charge you as that of a provider who is using Cpanel as Ensim is not that expensive. And Ensim also is proficient of containing fewer defects. But this software is less user-friendly than that of Cpanel.


If you are looking for low budget software then there is one more choice with you that is you can use Plesk. This software is highly constant and established. You can use this software if you have the data or information that requires higher stability. But the demerit with this software is that it does not provide more features than that of above explained software’s. So if you are going to selecting a host that is using Ensim or Plesk then please check its working record and get it confirmed.

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